my birthday present

my birthday present
My awesome birthday present 1/26/11 (see story under my first post)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birthday Blessings

Today, January 27, one day after my birthday, I woke to the gorgeous effects of an ice fog. Several spider webs, which would melt and disappear within a few short hours, were on display under the roof of my front porch. Bingo! Remember, my birthday gift (butterfly featured here) back in 2011? Here was my 2013 gift. I'm sure there was one last year, I must not have been paying attention.
 Anyhow, I grabbed my camera, shot these then took off through the woods. What a treat!  I will eventually post more pics for you, but today, just look at the tenacity of spiders! I found tiny little traces in several dead trees. Who would have thought they’d be working through this weather?  Maybe these are old webs, but that speaks well for  the quality of their work, right? 
So I did a quick search for spider poems and found these little gems, each is packed with so much wisdom. Hope you enjoy the poems and the gifts of winter..


Kay Ryan

From other
angles the
fibers look
fragile, but
not from the
spider’s, always
hauling coarse
ropes, hitching
lines to the
best posts
possible. It’s
heavy work
fighting sag,
winching up
give. It
isn’t ever
to live.


Natural History
E. B. White
The spider, dropping down from twig,
Unfolds a plan of her devising,
A thin premeditated rig
To use in rising.
And all that journey down through space,
In cool descent and loyal hearted,
She spins a ladder to the place
From where she started.
Thus I, gone forth as spiders do
In spider's web a truth discerning,
Attach one silken thread to you
For my returning.



Mary Oliver

I tore the web
of a black and yellow spider
in the brash of weeds
and down she came
on her surplus of legs
each of which
touched me and really
the touch wasn't much
but then the way
if a spider can
she looked at me
clearly somewhere between
outraged and heartbroken
made my say 'I'm sorry
to have wrecked your home...

swung herself off
on the thinnest of strings
back into the world.
This pretty, this perilous world.


Loretta said...

Pam, I am so happy that you have learned to find gifts that you have been given.

marie-josé said...

Love the E.B. White poem. But most of all, love the photos. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you do a series on webs, and then do a show -- in Oil City, maybe.

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Anonymous said...